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I also had a great experience with copa - - with the exception of their mailing process, which was infrequent and inconsistent.

I am bi-racial. Relaxers MURDERIZE my hair. They are all too strong. I always ended up with my hair broken off and a scalp full of burns (yes even from "no lye" relaxers).

Copa was a godsend, as it did just what it advertised. It loosened my curls. For a good two years I was rocking the *** out of my nice smooth frizz free spirals.

I miss Copa so much it's not even funny....although now that I'm pre-menopausal, the texture of my hair has softened even more.... I would still buy Copa though. If anyone knows were I can find it PLEASE DO TELL!

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Everything about the product.

I didn't like: Inconsistent delivery.

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I also had a FANTASTIC experience with Copa Hair products. Thank You Debbie Allen!!

I am a mixed chick, and Copa made my hair silky and wavy unlike any other product I have ever used. I WOULD LOVE TO BUY IT AGAIN, if I could just find it. I know all those unsold bottles are collecting dust as "new old stock" in a warehouse somewhere.

Whoever has it, please consider selling it on eBay with a disclaimer. I'll buy it all!!!

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