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I purchased the product because actress Debbie Allen was endorsing it on an infomercial. She let the hair dresser use it on her own daughter on the air and swore by it.

It knotted up my hair so badly, that I had to cut it off. It left my hair dry, damaged, dull,lifeless and brittle. Ms. Allen meant well, but mayber experience was different.

If the product wasn't truely meany for home use, that should have been stipulated in the informercial. Instead they made it seem as if anyone could do it.

Also the gentleman making the pitch said it was so natural you could eat it, and then he put some in his mouth. Anyone would think if you can eat it, it would be safe to use on hair.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Lol wow I was actually giving trying to purchase this product again. I used it when I was in my twenties and it worked winners on my hair.

It made my hair stronger, actually made it curl, and helped my to grow....ALOT! It's a shame only the bad stories about this product got out. Well anyway my feelings is now that I went natural and my hair is breaking badly and COPA is the best memory that I have for my hair.

If anyone is reading this press post on how I can get some more since no one else seems to want it maybe it's on a discount somewhere. Anyway COPA isn't all its just not built for everyone.

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